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Butter sign Arno Salters

arno salters rewe

Butter has signed award-winning director Arno Salters to their roster for Irish representation.

Arno spent his childhood between Paris, London and California and as a result his favourite language is Frenglish. More importantly though, his Dad is Irish, so he is practically a local.

Arno studied Russian and Political Theory at London School of Economics but it was when he was directing plays and designing sets at the University Theatre that he found his true passion.

Straight out of college he directed a music video for Imogen Heap, which launched him into the advertising world and earned him the “Director to Watch” accolade on Shots, Creativity and BoardsMag.

Since then it has only be upwards for Arno. He has worked with many top clients including, Playstation, Cadburys, Ebay, Barclay’s and Diesel.

Arno’s background in set design is evident throughout his visually striking commercials. Intricate sets, fantastical art direction and clever editing give his commercials a distinctive aesthetic. His background in Political Theory and Russian is not so evident in his commercials but could help you out if ever stuck in a tricky Russian political debate.


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