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JAK X Butter

JAK - the directors

Director duo JAK @jaktheduo have signed with Butter for representation in the Irish market. 

JAK have burst onto the commercials scene over the last few years with a flurry of fun campaigns for brands in the UK and Ireland. Their work combines a mix of smart techniques, weaving performance, stylised art direction, clever post production and playful graphics.

Having cut their teeth in VFX/editing (Katie) and graphic design/creative direction (Jo), they are both makers at heart. Their approach is hands-on – editing, designing, photoshopping, after-effectsing – anything they need to do to get the job done and craft amazing, fun, of-the-moment work.

That background lead them to The Mill, where they met and started working together; then to music videos and commercials and to Butter. Their work is bursting with charming characters, playful visual tricks and relatable stories with a surreal edge.

JAK have directed commercials for global brands such as Cadbury, Panini, EA Sports, FIFA, FREE NOW, Visa, SumUp and English Rugby. They have worked with talent like David Beckham, Declan Rice, Clara Amfo and Katie McCabe, with their eye-catching work attracting over 15 Million views across various channels.

View their reel here.


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