Butter is committed to moving our industry to a Climate Positive future, by embracing and driving sustainable practices. Each of our team and all our freelance producers are AdGreen trained. 

We believe in pushing ourselves, our suppliers and agency colleagues to reduce environmental impact through proactive solutions. Our aim is to help change the way we work and drive higher standards which then become industry norms.

Butter has worked with Ecoscope to audit our productions for environmental impact and accurate CO2 emissions data. This gives us a baseline to understand emissions and do something about them.

As an immediate response, Butter offsets CO2 emissions from our productions. In fact, we double offset, meaning we offset TWICE the emissions we create. We do this to address possible errors in measurement and to make our productions NET NEGATIVE.

To see a case study of sustainable production in practice, see our Woodie’s Case Study.


Our two prong approach seeks to absorb CO2 through planting trees and also to prevent CO2 emission through sustainable projects.

In 2023 we planted 802 trees in Mozambique, Tanzania and Ethiopia, and have supported the prevention of 22.5T tCO2e from being omitted through a methane capture project in Brazil.

The team at Butter is committed to moving our industry to a sustainable footing.

We have audited recent productions for environmental impact and accurate CO2 emissions data. We have a sustainability policy which we review and update as we develop new learnings. This allows us to implement practices which we treat as standard and look to improve upon these.

In addition to the urgency with which Butter is addressing the sustainability challenge, we are working with our colleagues in Commercial Producers Ireland to implement better practices and a more rigorous focus on how to make production more sustainable.

See the CPI Sustainability Guidelines.

Finally, here are some of the ways we reduce the impact on our environment:  


Emissions Management 

Where possible we use HVO generators (hydrotreated vegetable oil  – a sustainable alternative to diesel), HVO Facility Vehicles; an on set no-idling policy; no red meat.

Waste Management 

A dedicated green team; segregated clearly marked waste bins;  eliminate single use plastics; use reusable water bottles, water drums,  compostable catering equipment; reduced paper – no call sheets/ printouts.

Materials Management

Lending, renting, reselling, recycling, donating props to charity; encouraging the use of styling materials from sustainable sources.

Non-Filming Spaces – The Butter Office

Turning off heaters that are not needed. keep cups, public transport, electric vehicles, cycling, reduced printing, unplugging, switching off.

Double Offsetting

We offset twice the amount of carbon we emit. We support planting, carbon avoidance and carbon reduction schemes all over the world.